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CEO Reaffirms Positive Future Outlook (PINK:SYMW)

Problem Solving And Critical Thinking SymPowerco Corp.

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StocksHaven Investments Founder and Lead Investment Analyst, Mr. Michael Vlaicu and private investor, Mr. Nukka have engaged in a conversation with SymPowerco Corp CEO, Mr. John Davenport with regards to ongoing current and future business operations. Mr. Davenport shed light on the recently acquired subsidiaries Hoss Motorsports Inc., and Highline Hydrogen Hybrids Inc., the production facility in Dumas, Arkansas and expressed optimism towards near future flowing revenues.

SymPowerco is an energy technology company focused on the design and development of clean and practical power and energy solutions. Their mission is to make practical Fuel Cell Hybrid Power Systems a commercial reality. The company’s unique Flowing Electrolyte Direct Methanol Fuel Cell offers a practical solution to a host of global environmental and energy challenges. Potential means profitability for investors and SymPower has plenty of it with its upcoming targeted markets involving: Small Vehicles, Motorbikes, Retrofit Markets, Stationary Power Supplies, and Other Markets.

The following topics were discussed and answered:

Purchase Persuasive Speech We know that SymPower Co and HMSI are going to open a factory in Dumas
Arkansas shortly, can you give us a brief outlook of this venture, as what
are the near term and long term goals for this plant ?

Professional Writing Assistance He stated, “We have not yet completed the acquisition, however we  are working diligently on it and cannot comment on HMSI and HHHI as of now. However, he confirmed that there is some work going on right now at Dumas AR by HHHI and HHHI will soon establish their efforts at the new plant in September and HMSI will join the plant later in the Fall. HMSI and HGSI will mainly produce internal combustion engines initially for their off road, sports and rescue vehicle prototypes along with using HHHI technology.”

The picture to the right is the new 380,000 square foot building on 30 acres in Dumas that expects to turn a profit within the first 30 to 60 days of moving in and stabilizing the functionality of the equipment.

Best College Application Essay I Want To Attend What is the current target time line? When do you expect to actually begin production and market a product or products? How soon do you plan to become profitable or have a flowing Revenue?

“There is a very good future for the company to grow and there by giving out a good return on investment (ROI) for all shareholders (though warned us that its still a pink sheet stock), however have plans to move to OTC in the future.” He then continued by stating, SYMW has successful prototypes (working with University of Carleton in Ottawa, Canada) with Methanol hydrogen fuel cells which it plans to use commercially soon.” He wasn’t sure about the timeline on the Methanol hydrogen fuel cell commercialization but said soon as soon as possible, but they are totally focusing on the HMSI and HHHI integration at this point.

Writing A Paper High As far as HMSI goes, they are  projecting revenue of $8,400,000 over the next 12-18 months and expects to be profitable within the first 90 days of moving to its new operations in Dumas, Arkansas. [ source ]

The SymPowerco Commercial Design Project (SCDP). The multiphase project is expected to encompass all facets of the design of various commercial products for the anticipated markets of the company’s Flowing Electrolyte Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (FEDMFC) and Hybrid Power Systems. The project is intended to run concurrently with SymPowerco’s FEDMFC development program at Carleton University’s Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering in Ottawa, Canada. Phase I of the SCDP is expected to include a study of the ancillary equipment and ‘balance of plant’ requirements of the FEDMFC as they relate to commercial requirements, manufacturability, scalability and industrial design elements of the FEDMFC and Hybrid Power Systems. Future phases of the SCDP will include engineering and design elements including hybrid power system layout designs, power interfaces, branding, packaging and the design of a flexible component regime to satisfy broad OEM requirements.

What key markets are you targeting initially? It sounds like automotive is the first. If so, are there any partnerships with automotive companies
already established or in the works ?

“We are mainly off road vehicles, sports, etc initaially, this is where
our Hoss Motorsports Inc. acquisition comes into play.”

Have you applied for any HEV grants or expecting any funding from the US Government ?

“We haven’t  applied for any grants yet, to qualify for a grant we need to have the manufacturing facility in Dumas, Arkansas up and running. We see September as the likely time frame for this which would allow us to apply. We are also in the process of hiring the consultants to apply for government grants.”

It is important, however, to note that SYMW is well versed with government grant applications. Polygenic Power Systems, Inc. (“PPSI”), SymPowerco’s majority-owned subsidiary, was recently informed by the Ontario Centres of Excellence (“OCE”) that it was successful in its application for a grant from the OCE’s Centre of Excellence for Energy.

The Centre of Excellence for Energy, a part of Ontario’s Centres of Excellence, was created to address the significant challenges and opportunities posed by the current energy situation in Ontario, Canada. The Centre invests in and promotes cutting-edge research collaborations between industry and colleges, universities and research hospitals. The Centre’s objective is to foster innovation in energy markets, systems

and technologies. The Centre works with industry to solve problems by engaging the brightest minds at Ontario’s universities and colleges in the challenges faced by businesses. [ Source ]

Background Information Interpersonal Communication Essay Hoss Motor Sports Inc. has designed several types of Off Road Utility Vehicles including vehicles designed specifically for Search and Rescue,
Construction Sites and for Sport Utility and Off Road Enthusiast markets. Under the SymPowerco umbrella, HMSI will manufacture its advanced vehicles at HMSI’s new facility in Dumas, Arkansas.

Essay About Life Is Beautiful Highline Hydrogen Hybrids Inc. has developed a unique supplemental hydrogen fuel system for Internal Combustion Engines that reduces dangerous emissions, enhances fuel efficiency by as much as 25% and increases horsepower by an average of 10%. HHHI plans to release a version of its supplemental fuel system for use on Over-The-Road commercial vehicles. The HHHI products will also be produced in the company’s new facility in Dumas, Arizona. Best Essay Writing Service Review Investment Company Upgrades SYMW Stock Outlook, $0.01 PPS

Tom Bustamante, the Managing Partner of Ludlow Capital Research commented, “With the recent announcement of Chevy’s electric Volt the demand for alternative electric vehicles has been gaining strong interest. On the small cap side, Sympowerco’s subsidiaries, HOSS Motor Sports and Highline Hydrogen Hybrids Systems, should offer operating holding corps for joint ventures and development of electric motor car solutions.”

“The stock is considered highly speculative, but seems to be attracting increasing attention from the market. Technically the stock has been generating increasing strong retail volume, and looks to be making an attempt to move above their longer-term trend line moving average. Again, it may be a very small speculative micro-cap play, but on mere momentum we wouldn’t be surprised to see this company push up above the $0.01 mark in the very near-term.”

Persuasive Essay Introduction Paragraph Chart and Technical Analysis

Taking a look at the RSI, along with the MACD and Moving Day Averages, it is clear to see that an uptrend is imminent.

Short Term Indicators
7 Day Average Directional Indicator Canadian Thesis Doctorate Dissertation Buy
10 – 8 Day Moving Average Hilo Channel Blog Writing Service Buy
20 Day Moving Average vs Price Journal Writing Paper Buy
20 – 50 Day MACD Oscillator Hold How To Write A Personal Statement University
20 Day Bollinger Bands Hold Phd Dissertation Help Vs Dissertation

Buy Viagra At Walmart Overall Sentiment

With the price rising nearly 114% during the past months SymPowerco Corp. should see a continuing uptrend begin to take place as investors realize the future potential of their projects and products. Investors need to maintain a keen eye on press releases from the company with regards to the ongoing efforts in partnerships, contracts, and operations from their subsidiaries. Expect news with regards to the production facility in Dumas, Arkansas and any updates from the subsidiaries within the coming days, and potential cash infusions from government grants in the long-term. Short-term outlook is nearly as profitable as long-term, as the market cap could tripple once production and flowing revenues begin to take place.


Disclosure: Short position in SYMW


By reading StocksHaven Investments you agree to the disclaimer, and thereby will not hold Michael Vlaicu accountable for any transactions or decisions you make. It is up to you to do your own due diligence.

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